To create a true global team
"【e-learning】Winning Together"
at Japanese Companies

An e-learning course that promotes mutual understanding.
Fostering better teamwork and relationships
between foreign employees and Japanese employees.

9,800yen per purchase (tax excluded)

Japanese staff
"It is a norm to carry out such tasks Japanese companies. Why can't they understand that?"

Foreign staff
"I don't understand the rules of Japanese companies. It's so difficult to work in a Japanese company..." 

There is a gap between the way the company functions and the way that foreign employees work.The Japanese business etiquette is a given for the Japanese.
However, foreign employees are not familiar in such norms and therein lies the problem that companies face when hiring foreign employees.

Various dilemmas such as differing work perspectives, manners and morals.
Have you thrown your hands up in surrender and resign to having such problems due to a difference in culture? What might happen if this problem goes untreated?

"We should not have hired the foreigners in the first place!". A disorganized and directionless team.
The collapse of the company's structure and hirerachy.
These are but a few scenarios that may befall on a company that does not deal with the problem.

Likewise should there be an increasing number of unfamiliar work processes,
a negative image of Japanese companies may be embedded in the foreign employees.
This may lead to their resignation.
It is therefore essential for both Japanese and foreign employees to gain a mutual understanding of one another.
It is only when ideals are alinged, can the team work as one in the same direction. This will lead to a better future for everyone involved.

For this reason, e-learning version of "Winning Together" is created.

Targeted at foreign staffs who will be entering a Japanese company, Japanese employers who employs foreigners.

The contents are designed and packaged to suit both sides and provides maximum learning in a short period of time

With "Winning Together"
we can strife for a better and stronger global team starting tomorrow.

The 3 distinct features

1:Curriculum designed to tailor to viewpoints
Our special curriculum for both Japanese and foreign employees designed to tailor to different viewpoints, facilitates effective learning.

2:Completion in a short amount of time 
Our short-term intensive curriculum can be completed in 1.5 hours for foreign employees, and 2.5 hours for the Japanese.

3:Enriching case

Our video lecture includes case studies such as Pitfalls and Advices, which helps to enrich your learning process.

3:Enriching case studies
Our video lecture includes case studies such as Pitfalls and Advices, which helps to enrich your learning process.


Winning Together at Japanese Companies

Type: E-learning
Course duration: 2 months
Price: 9,800yen(tax excluded)
Publisher: beyond global Japan Co. Ltd

※2 different editions available for Japanese employees and foreign hires
※Available in Japanese and English for the edition directed at foreign hires
※For inquires such as the operating system involved in our e-learning videos, please contact us.

Using our e-learning materials in conjunction with the book edition "Winning Together at Japanese
Companies", will provide additional learning benefits.

◆Please click here for details and purchases for book edition

【For Japanese】
Completion time: 2.5 hours

Chapter 1: Working with Non-Japanese employees
1-1 Significance of working with foreign employees and the goals
1-2 5 advantages of a diverse team

Chapter 2: Dealing with differences in corporate cultures
2-1 Apologies and sense of responsibilities
2-2 Long-term and short-term concept of time
2-3 Truth about the Japanese way of work

Chapter 3: Motivations of non-Japanese employees
3-1 Appreciation
3-2 Coaching
3-3 Harmonization
3‒4 Retention of judgement
3‒5 5 great desires of non-Japanese employees
3‒6 Instructions and reliance for non-Japanese employees

Chapter 4: Leading multinational parties
4-1 How to win the empathy of non-Japanese employees
4-2 Steps to share sense of ownership
4-3 Soft and hard approach to leadership

Chapter 5: Concerns from non-Japanese employees and the way of coping
5-1 I couldn't see my career path
5-2 I want to work as one
5-3 I am concerned about the differences in culture
5-4 Showing the value of existance and contribution

Chapter 6: Merits of global business
6-1 Profit and loss for diverse team
6-2 Future of Japanese companies
【For Foreign Hires】
Completion time: 1.5 hours

Chapter 1: Japanese Communication
1-1. Japanese Communication(Express your thanks and show your interest)
1-2. Japanese Business Communication (Greetings, Name
card exchange, CC Mail, Phone calls)
1-3. Points to note when communicating with Japanese
(Respond to refusal)

Chapter 2: An Active Role in Japanese Companies
2-1. Japanese work values (The meaning of work to Japanese,the pursuit of quality,trying your best, interpersonal
relationships at the work place)
2-2. Proceeding with work the Japanese way. (Horenso, PDCA, Japanese concept of time, Work attitude)

Chapter 3: Pitfalls and Advice for Non-Japanese Employees
Pitfall 1: Who is my leader?
Pitfall 2: Where am I moving toward?
Pitfall 3: Why can't I get promotion fast?
Pitfall 4: I can't see my area of responsibility.
Pitfall 5: Can't I be promoted if I don't speak Japanese?
Pitfall 6: Don't they care about work-life balance?
Evaluation test 


- The case studies make it very easy to understand.
- I find this extremely handy for those who are working overseas.
- Initially, I felt uncomfortable when dealing with Chinese workers, but after taking this video lecture I finally understood the situation.
- This video lecture has benefitted me a lot as I have learnt how to provide consultation with foreign employees regarding their future career path.
- Able to watch the video with smartphones makes it extremely convenient.

About the author

Kawitani Takashi

Diversity Management Research Institute Representative
Global management consultant

Conducted research, lecture and training on leadership, motivation etc. in Asia, China, Europe, America and Japan. (Institute of Science) Instructor of International University, Institute of International Affairs of Malaysia, Visiting Researcher of Malaysia Strategic and International Research Institute · Japan Research Center,
Japan Foreign Enterprise Association · Foreign Special Advisor etc. Lived in Malaysia for 17 years since 1992 and moved to Japan in 2009. Won the Strategic Leadership Award from the World Human Resource Development Conference 2011 (Mumbai).

Publication of "Working Together" Ask Edition, "Asia-originated and cross-cultural management guide" PHP, "Become a boss who can speak English" Nikkei, "Multicultural team management · DVD series" Levic global, others.
Served as a lecturer at the Management Committee of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore for every year since 1998.

Planner / editor:
Eiichi Morita

beyond global Group  President & CEO

After graduating from graduate school, worked at Accenture, a management consulting company. Founded Shake Co., a human resource development consulting company. Following that, became it's president.
Currently based in Japan and Singapore, engaging in organizational personnel consulting business, global human resource development business, etc.

beyond global Japan Co Ltd. (then at Doors), received the HR Award 2013 Best Award.。

Visiting professor at the university corporation Kochi University. Publications such as "Art of being a top-notch leader" (Asuka publication) "Polish Autonomy Power" "Gaeah's Dawn" "World Business Satellite" and various TV appearances

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